Terms & Conditions

By submitting the booking form, you are accepting the following conditions:

1. Once the form has been submitted, I understand that no refunds are possible.

2. I understand that Florence Specialist for Small Group Tours Srls. (the parent company of Accademiadavidtickets.com) will be using the email address I supply on the form to send me confirmation and details of my reservation. I accept that no refunds are possible if the said email address is incorrect or not working.

3. It is my responsibility to contact Florence Specialist for Small Group Tours Srls. Within three working days of submitting the form, should I have had no response by that time?

4. I accept that it is not the responsibility of Florence Specialist for Small Group Tours Srls. to ensure that the email address I entered on the booking form is functioning correctly, nor to ensure that I have personally received their reply at the address I supplied.

5. I accept that Florence Specialist for Small Group Tours Srls assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any lack of service or access problems deriving from strikes or the absence of personnel at any Italian State Museum. Furthermore, I understand that the relevant authorities may occasionally offer special promotions, free entrance periods, and the like; should such offers coincide with any bookings made through this site, then we regret that we are not able to obtain a refund on your behalf, neither is Florence Specialist for Small Group Tours Srls itself obliged to offer any refund.

6. I accept that once my order request is confirmed, no refund will be possible from that moment on. This stance is forced on us by the various local, regional, and national authorities – as they offer no refunds once we have placed an order and cannot offer you a refund.

7. I accept that it may not be possible to modify or amend my order once placed. This is for the same reason (above) that refunds are not possible. We can make a request, and sometimes it will be successful, but not always. We will need to charge an administrative fee for any such amendments.

8. I accept that it is my responsibility to carefully follow the instructions on my voucher.

Office hours

Our offices are open (Italian time) from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. Our office is closed on Mondays and important national holidays. We’ll reply immediately upon our return to work. If you do not receive any reply from us within three working days, it should be assumed that we have an incorrect email address or your ISP/Server is somehow blocking our reply via a filter.

Again, don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected]) if you hear anything.