Accademia Gallery Tickets Florence Prices – All You Need To Know

The building where the Accademia Gallery stands today once housed a convent and a hospital. The Florence Accademia is famous for the presence of Michelangelo’s celebrated David statue. There are numerous “Davids” around the city and around the world, but only one – this one – is the original. The David is Accademia’s greatest treasure, ensuring that it is the most visited museum in Italy.

The David, however, is perhaps also the Accademia’s greatest curse. People come from all over the world and stand in long lines, all to see the famous David. Visitors are so fascinated by the immense marble statue that they hardly glance at the other masterpieces in the halls. The marvellous Prigioni, powerful works also by Michelangelo, often go unnoticed. Some visitors will not even step foot in the other museum halls that house works of art by other masters like Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, Perugino, and Giambologna.

If you are interested in visiting the Accademia Gallery in Florence but unsure which ticket to purchase, read this page carefully. There are many different ticket and tour options available – which one is right for you?

How much do tickets to the Accademia Gallery Tickets Florence cost?

There are 3 different types of general admittance tickets to the Accademia Gallery: Regular, Reduced, and Free.
Regular: €12.
Reduced: for EU citizens between the age of 18 and 25 (with proof of ID or passport): €2.
Free: for children under the age of 18: FREE

accademia gallery tickets florence

Guided tours and Skip-the-Line tickets have a separate price guide. Please note that some tours are combo tours, granting access to more than one museum with the purchase of the one tour.

Where do I buy Accademia Gallery Tickets Florence?

Tickets can be bought right inside the museum. Join the line denoted “Entrance – Not Reserved,” and the ticket counter will be immediately in front of you as you pass the front doors. Please be aware that this line can be exceedingly long during high tourism season. You can also cross the street to the ticket booth for reserved tickets and purchase a ticket in advance, in person, for a later date or time as available.

Where can I buy tickets online?

Save yourself time and pre-book your ticket from the comfort of your own home (or hotel). You can purchase tickets in advance online on the official ticket site, b-Ticket. You can pick up your physical tickets across the street from the Accademia museum at the reserved ticket booth.

Do I really need to book my ticket in advance?

Suppose you are planning to visit the museum during peak tourism season, YES, YES, YES! The museum can get extremely busy during the summer, and the lines to enter can stretch the whole block. If you are planning to visit the museum during the low tourism season, buying your ticket in advance is less important. Always book a guided tour in advance, but if you are looking to purchase just a general admittance ticket, it is not necessary.

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How long does it take to see the Accademia?

Depending on how fanatic you are about the Fine Arts, non-guided trips to the Accademia can take anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes.

Is the Accademia really FREE on Sundays?

YES! Well… not every Sunday. The first Sunday of the month is free. On the first Sunday of the month, many museums in Florence are free to the public. This is great for your wallet, but the lines on these days are longer than any other day by far. There are no skip-the-line tickets on these days, nor can you purchase a ticket in advance. If you want to visit the Accademia on the first Sunday of the month, wake up early and be prepared to wait in line.

Reserved Entrance: Accademia Gallery and Michelangelo’s David

Take advantage of your time in Florence to admire all the valuable Renaissance artworks without waiting in line!

If waiting in line doesn’t appeal to you, Skip-the-Line tickets are just the thing for you! With priority entrance tickets, you do not need to wait in the general admittance ticket line. These tickets have specified entrance times. You can choose between 10:30, 12:30, 13:30, 16:00, and 17:00 every day the museum is open. These tickets cost €25 each.

Please note that Accademia’s audio guides are not included in the Skip-the-Line ticket price; if you wish to purchase an audio guide, you can do so once you enter the museum. Or you can download our FREE guide to the Accademia Gallery by purchasing a Skip-the-Line ticket.

With the Skip-the-Line ticket, you will have priority entrance – no waiting in long lines out in the hot sun and an entrance through a separate door than those waiting for general admission tickets! Upon entrance to the museum, you will have the opportunity to feast your eyes on Michelangelo’s David, learn more about Michelangelo’s other masterpieces and the story behind them, and discover other works of art by artists like Bartolini and Monaco.

What are the best Accademia Gallery tickets Florence to choose from?

Trying to save time?

You can expect long lines at the entrance of the Accademia Gallery because of its popularity. The most convenient way to save time is by purchasing Priority entrance tickets. In this case, you can bypass the queues and proceed directly to the security check without waiting in line.

Looking for a guided tour?

It is highly recommended to take a guided tour of the Accademia Gallery if you wish to gain an in-depth understanding of this culturally significant and rich museum. With the help of a professional, multi-lingual tour guide, explore the Accademia Gallery’s history and world-famous artwork.

If you’re interested in exploring Florence further

The Accademia Gallery is just one of many historical landmarks in Florence. The most efficient way to explore the city is by taking a combo tour. These tickets let you visit the Uffizi Gallery, take a walking tour of the city, and more.

You may be on a budget

If you are travelling on a budget, book standard access tickets to the Academia Gallery. With these tickets, you get skip-the-line access to the museum and an audio guide, allowing you to take your time exploring.