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Accademia Gallery Tickets 2024

There is no doubt that Florence is widely regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, a statement that still holds true to this day. It has some of the most stunning art and architecture that can be found nowhere else in the world in such abundance. A good example of this is the Accademia Gallery which is a living example of this. In addition to being one of the most popular museums in Italy, the Accademia boasts an impressive collection of artwork by some of the most renowned names in art history. 

Do not miss the Accademia Gallery! This museum contains works by some of the greatest artists in history, including the famous David by Michelangelo. Alongside Michelangelo, there are also notable works by Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, and many of the greats from the Gothic period.

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Explore the Accademia Gallery

What to See at the Accademia Gallery

It is true that the Accademia Gallery is a fairly small museum, and Michelangelo’s David is probably the main reason to go there. Because of this, many people go into the gallery, take a look at David, and then leave the gallery.

As long as you are going to spend the money on admission, we suggest you poke around and see what else there is to see. It is worth noting that there are many other noteworthy pieces of art inside the museum as well. To learn everything there is to know about this charming museum, we reached out to our knowledgeable guides, who have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. 

Florence between 1370 and 1430

Florence Between 1370 and 1430

Reorganized and redesigned in 2013, this hall contains a compilation of late 14th-century art. This hall is the only hall located on the upper level. Here, you can find artwork that details the regional religious practices of the period in Florence. Most of the artwork in the main hall was commissioned by the Florentine Guilds. The hall’s most fantastic attractions, however, are the grand altarpieces on display. These religious works of art are glorious examples of Gothic architecture.

In order to help you plan your visit to the Accademia Gallery, they have compiled a list of the top things to see. The Accademia gallery museum halls page provides a detailed overview of what is on display at the Accademia gallery and what you can expect when you visit there.

What are Accademia Gallery hours?

From Tuesday to Sunday, the Accademia Gallery is open from 08:15 AM to 06:50 PM. The last entry time is 06:20 PM.

When is the Accademia Gallery closed?

On January 1, May 1, and December 25, the Academy gallery is closed.

What is the best time to visit the Accademia Gallery?

It is best to visit the Accademia Gallery in the morning or after 5:00 PM if you want to avoid large crowds. Spring or fall are the best times to visit; between February and May or September and November are the best months.

Where is the Accademia Gallery located?

The Accademia Gallery is located at Via Ricasoli, 58/60, 50129 Florence FI, Italy.

What is the best way to get to the Accademia Gallery?

It is easy to get to the Accademia Gallery since it is centrally located in Florence, so you can take the train, bus, or car there.  

Can I take the train to the Accademia Gallery?

You can take the train to the Accademia Gallery. Santa Maria Novella is the closest station; it is 15 minutes on foot to the Accademia.

Is Galleria dell’Accademia free?

ICOM (International Council of Museums) members, journalists with valid IDs, and persons under 18 years of age are the only ones who are allowed to access the gallery for free.

How long do you need to spend at the galleria dell’accademia?

It usually takes about one hour to explore all the halls of the gallery, and an hour and a half or two if you want to be thorough. The guided tours usually last about an hour. At the end of the tour, you are free to explore more on your own.

Can you take photos in Accademia?

Yes, photographs are allowed at the Accademia. Flash photography and tripods are not permitted inside the gallery.

The Galleria dell’Accademia Or Accademia Gallery is the main attraction in Florence and one of the most visited museums. The lines to the ticket office are long and can wrap to the end of the street. To avoid this long, hot wait outdoors, we highly recommend pre-purchasing a ticket to the Accademia Gallery before your visit. offers combo tickets that include fast-track access to other popular attractions in Florence. The cost may be a few additional euros more than the general admittance ticket, but those extra euros are worth avoiding the hassle of long lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery or Galleria dell’Accademia, which is located in the heart of Florence, chronicles Italian history through its diverse collection. In the Accademia Gallery, one can find a collection of forty musical instruments held by the Grand Ducal collection and this collection plays an important role in the formation of the Medicean court. Michelangelo’s artistic genius is on display in the Hall of Prisoners on display in the Museum as a tribute to his artistic genius.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that if you are going to visit more churches in Florence during the same day, for example, the Duomo, the dress code will be strictly enforced in those churches as well.

It is definitely worth it to take a tour. Take a look at some of the deals you can get on tours of the Accademia and Michelangelo’s David. The Accademia Galleria in Florence is a small museum attached to one of the oldest art schools in the world.

It is open from 8:15 AM to 06:50 PM from Tuesday to Sunday with the last admissiont 6:20 PM on Sunday.

Tickets for the Accademia Gallery include skip the line (priority) access, allowing you to bypass the long lines and bypass the wait time for tickets.

In order to ensure that guests with a disability are able to explore the Accademia Gallery in a safe and comfortable manner, several steps have been taken.

It is easy to reach the Accademia Gallery by bus or car. If you want to explore Florence’s historic landmarks, walking is the most efficient way to do so.

The Accademia Gallery Located about 2.5 kilometers from the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia Gallery is reachable by car. Simply take Via dell’Anguillara, and turn onto Via Folco Portinari heading towards Florence Cathedral. From there, take Via de’ Pucci. Then turn right onto Via Camillo Cavour. Take one final right turn onto Via degli Alfani. After one block, you will find the Accademia Gallery on your left. 

The Accademia Gallery does not have parking. However, there are a few nearby parking facilities
that you can utilize.
Parking Space in Florence – only 300 meters away from the Accademia.
Central Parking Firenze – merely 100 meters away from the Accademia. This parking lot is
open 24 hours a day. It’s the perfect parking lot to utilize if you intend to visit both the
Accademia Gallery and the Florence Cathedral.
Park2Go Parcheggio Firenze – located 1 kilometer away from the Accademia. This parking
lot is open until midnight.